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Monday, January 31, 2011

Nifty Idea - Linen bags repurposed

Have you gotten new linens lately?  Don't toss those clear zippered bags just yet!  We love to use these as flexible toy organizers.  Lets face it, Mr. Potato head just isn't the same without his angry eyes and when you are deeply involved in building with Bob, no one wants to stop the fun to search the house for Scoop.

Solution?  We use the clear zippered bags from sheets and bedding to keep toys grouped together in the toy box.  Smaller underwear bags with snaps are stellar for keeping Barbie's vast collection of shoes and accessories under control!


  1. YES! I do this too. I actually have a small collection of linen bags and other similar quality bags waiting for new toys. My husband thinks I am crazy.

  2. crazy? no!! borderline genius maybe ;)