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Friday, April 15, 2011

A Cloth Easter Tutorial

I made my first batch of cloth Easter eggs four years ago and was surprised at a number of extra benefits I hadn't expected.  Not only do I have a love for things sustainable and made of beautiful fabric, but the kids enjoyed playing with them long after Easter was over.  It's also a fabulous way to enjoy those almost too small to keep scraps that may be piling up in a box in the corner!

A quick note; this project is sewn on a serger so the stitching is easy to see in the pictures.  I think it's much easier to sew these on a regular sewing machine though.

The template:

Copy the template onto a stiff card stock.  I'm not really a major pattern maker and have no idea how to get this to scale.  You can enlarge or reduce as you see fit.  My eggs are about 6" tall not including the odd pointy bottom you see.

Cut three pieces

Right sides together sew two pieces together on ONE side.  Stitch only along the side of the egg, not down into the pointy part like you see here.  Instead give it a good forward/backward reinforcement at the bottom of the egg.  It will fold better in the last step this way.

Right sides together, sew the third piece to the two "raw" sides of the prior piece. 

Turn the egg right side out.  A pencil or knitting needle may be helpful here!

Stuff with your choice of fill.  Make sure to push the fill into the tip and down the seams to fill out the shape well.  When you think you have enough stuffing, you can probably get a few more puffs in!  You can also add crinkly things like plastic bags or bells in this step for an interactive toy.  If you do this be certain to whip stitch the bottom very well to prevent it from coming out.

Fold the bottom triangles in one at a time, with the last side folding in on itself.  If these are for decorative purposes or older children, you can stop here as they won't come out on their own.  If you are sewing for young children or you've added something besides standard filling, whip stitch the bottom closed.

Did I mention how much fun these are to play with after the holiday is long past???

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