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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blog reviews and such...

Our products are being featured in another blog review today (thank you Cloth Diaper Addiction!), so I thought it was a good time to post my policy and thoughts on the blog reviews that have become so common.

If you are not in a small wahm business, you may not realize how many requests we get each week to provide a product for "review" on someone's blog.  It is not our policy to participate in these types of promotions.  First and foremost, I can't bring myself to believe that the author would be 100% objective to review an item she received for free.  As much as I like to hear great things about the products I make, it rings hollow if I'm not sure it's sincere.  Secondly, there is an obvious cost associated with giving an item away; a cost measured not only in revenue but also in time (which is a precious commodity in our home).   There are certainly occasions where we eagerly donate items, but these are usually to benefit a group or cause, not to garner someone's opinion.

When will you see us participate in blog reviews and giveaways?  When we are asked by folks who are already customers!  Who better to read a review from then someone who purchased and uses our product in their daily lives?  The latest write up at Cloth Diaper Addiction is a perfect example.  You can see from her photos that her bag is well used, loved, and washed often.  She writes honestly about her experience with our product from the perspective of regular use. 

Here are some of the blogs we have been on in the past:

Jessica has moved over to The Leaky Boob, which is a fabulously fun blog to read.  Every so often I will catch a glimpse of one of our kitchen wetbags in the background of a picture.  That's always good for an extra smile!

Rated By Mom
A terrific post about choosing a baby carrier as well as a wetbag post here .

Baby Lets Shop
Shares her conversion to a cloth kitchen.

Cloth Diaper Diaries
A nice little post we had no idea about until a google search :)

Has a nice mention among the discussion about menstrual cloth.

Please forgive me if I've missed anyone.

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