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Monday, September 30, 2013


Starbucks frappuccinos....  addictive little things aren't they?  Just the sight of the chilled bottles gets my taste buds tingling, but alas I'm a frugal thing.  Don't get me wrong, I indulge from time to time but not nearly as often as I would like.

Enter the copycat frappuccino, or as I affectionately refer to it...

The Fauxppuccino  


The beauty of having empty frappuccino bottles on hand, is that no actual measuring is required!  Starbucks has ingeniously designed their labels for copycat peeps like me.  OK, maybe that's a tad egocentric, but it is handy!

Coffee.  I probably should say freshly brewed coffee here, but truth be told cold day old coffee works just as well for me.  If it's too early in the morning to dig out the measuring tools, just know 1 cup of coffee goes to the middle of the green logo.  The stars on the old labels were pretty handy for this!

Flavoring syrup.  My grocer carries the Torani syrup in the coffee aisle.  Imagine my shock when none of the big, giant, mega groceries near my Mom in Kansas City had these.  Sams club also carries a similar brand.  Caramel, chocolate, and white chocolate are my favs!  Notice in the pic below that the flavor syrup takes your concoction up to the top of the label

Milk.   Fill the rest of the bottle with milk.  It works out to a wee bit shy of 1 cup.  One would think whole milk would make this super creamy and yum but actually I'm not a fan,  2% or skim for me

Seriously, who needs recipes or measuring?  Still, I've broken down the ingredients in the typical fashion as well, for all the boring, stodgy recipe follower types.   You are probably the same people who what street names and distances on your driving directions, too.


1 c coffee
1/4 c Torani flavor syrup 
3/4 c milk 

Chill them in the frig or pour directly over ice.  I toss the bottles and the caps in the dishwasher when I'm finished.  Incidentally, frappucinno bottles are also stellar for making your own vanilla extract!

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