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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pay for Performance

Politicians or toddlers, I'm not really sure who's running Washington these days.  There is one thing I am sure of though, that the elected officials in Washington D.C. should be on a "pay for performance" system.  I'm usually a big term limit fan, but PfP may just take care of the career politician problem on it's own.

Mr. President, only 52% of the American public think you're doing a good job so you earn 52% of your $33,333 monthly salary.  (btw, did you know the U.S. President's salary has doubled from $200K to $400K since the year 2000?)  Yep, that means the Obama's would have to squeak by on $17,333 gross this month.  Michelle may even have to start moonlighting.

Our congressional leaders are really going to be hurting.  Only 38% of Americans think you are doing an adequate job.  38% of their $174,000 annual salary comes to $66,120/year or $5,510 gross this month.  They'd better get their butts in gear to afford the cost of living in D.C. on those salaries.

Which brings me to the beauty of this method.  We all know there is a huge political divide in our country, or at least that's what the talking heads want us to believe.  So if the politicians are going to tow their respective hardcore party lines,  they can expect about 50% of their normal salary, but if they want to find solutions that work for the American public as a whole, then cha ching it's payday baby!!

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